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Responding to Good!

Proverbs 17:
13. If you repay evil for good,
a curse is upon your home.
Living Bible

This is probably one of the most serious warnings in the entire Bible.
Not only that, but we have an example of this in the life of King David.
Seeing that David was the father of Solomon, who probably wrote this Proverb, we know that the writer saw this first hand in his father's life.

David committed adultery with Bathsheba while her husband, Uriah, was away fighting in David's army.
He worsened the matter by then putting Uriah into a situation where he would be killed, and he was.
Therefore David added murder to adultery.

God was very disappointed and displeased by David's actions and sent through His prophet to tell David that, because he had repaid Uriah with evil, when Uriah had done David nothing but good, trouble would never leave his household.

And that turned out to be painfully true, especially as David got older and his sons became adults and decided on their own rebellious courses in life.
This was also despite the fact that God forgave David for the sins committed!

The point is that, though this is a glaring example of the outworking of this Proverb, most of us go no further than using our speech for wrong purposes. This Proverb applies whether it's murder or wrong speech!

Father, please help me to recognise when people's words and actions towards me are for my good.
And having recoginsed that, please help me to respond to them with good too, and not evil.
If I've used my words or actions to respond to the good done to me, with an evil response, please forgive me,
in Jesus' name,

There's a new thought here tomorrow.
See you then, God willing!

Psalm 107:
17 Some fools turned against God and suffered for the evil they did.
18 They refused to eat anything, so they almost died.
19 In their misery they cried out to the LORD, and he saved them from their troubles.
20 God gave the command and healed them, so they were saved from dying.
21 Let them give thanks to the LORD for his love and for the miracles he does for people.
22 Let them offer sacrifices to thank him. With joy they should tell what he has done.
(New Century Bible)

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