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Day and Night

Proverbs 19:
27 Don't stop listening to correction, my child,
or you will forget what you have already learned.
New Century Bible

When Joshua became leader of the people of God on the death of Moses, he was feeling a little intimidated: he had great shoes to fill.
The Lord encouraged him with these words:

Let this book of the law be ever on your lips and in your thoughts day and night, so that you may keep with care everything in it; then a blessing will be on all your way, and you will do well.
Joshua 1:8, The Bible in Basic English

When we persist in keeping God's instructions "ever on our lips and in our thoughts day and night" then we will always have God's correction with us and we will never let slip what we have already learned.

The writer to the Hebrews reinforces this idea:

Therefore ought we more diligently to observe the things which we have heard, lest perhaps we should let them slip.
Hebrews 2:1, The Holy Bible, Douay-Rheims

And the book of Psalms begins with this definitive statement:

1 Happy are those who don't listen to the wicked, who don't go where sinners go, who don't do what evil people do.
2 They love the Lord 's teachings, and they think about those teachings day and night.
3 They are strong, like a tree planted by a river. The tree produces fruit in season, and its leaves don't die. Everything they do will succeed.
Hebrews 2, New Century Bible

Father, give me today, the persistence and determination to stick with Your instructions, having them "ever on my lips and in my thoughts day and night", because my long term success depends on this.
Thank You for putting Your success within my reach,
in Jesus' name,

There's a new thought here tomorrow.
See you then, God willing!

Psalm 107:
17 Some fools turned against God and suffered for the evil they did.
18 They refused to eat anything, so they almost died.
19 In their misery they cried out to the LORD, and he saved them from their troubles.
20 God gave the command and healed them, so they were saved from dying.
21 Let them give thanks to the LORD for his love and for the miracles he does for people.
22 Let them offer sacrifices to thank him. With joy they should tell what he has done.
(New Century Bible)

Daily Pointer:

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Are there cycles of failure
in specific areas in your circumstances?
Do you sometimes feel cursed or blighted?

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