The Problem

What causes us to have problems with
affliction, bondage,
oppression or repression?

that is, blights and hindrances in various areas of our lives.

Where do curses come from?
Actions of ours which separate us from God.
In other words, curses are the result of sin:
either our own sin or the sins of our parents,
grand parents or great grand parents,
or other authority figures in our lives.

What can we do about curses?
our sin has to be forgiven by a blood sacrifice.
the curse has to be addressed, broken and expelled.
we have to develop a redically new attitude to life.

What does it cost?
To us human beings,
the cost is to surrender our lives and destinies to God.
To God,
the cost was to take the sins
of all the people who have ever lived
into His own body and die a cruel death
in our place.
In other words,
God had to become sin in our place,
so He could give us His own righteousness
when we surrender to Him.
He did this so that we could be clean of sin,
so that we could make contact with Him
and have an ongoing relationship with Him.

Jesus Christ
paid with His own blood
to forgive our sins.
That's why forgiveness of our sins is free to us.